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STILLWATER, Okla. – Stillwater police say it’s one of the biggest drug busts they’ve ever made.

Court documents show police seized:

  •  In excess of 2,876 grams of THC to include: marijuana, edibles, wax, THC liquid
  •  49 grams of LSD totaling 3294 single doses
  •  120 grams of MDMA
  •  40 pressed Ecstasy tablets totaling 25 grams
  •  In excess of 1,096 grams of Psilocybin Mushrooms
  •  43 pressed Xanax bars totaling 17 grams
  •  Approximately $26,884 in US currency located in a closet safe which also contained illegal narcotics
  •  Multiple handwritten drug sell ledgers

“We have never actually seen that amount here in Stillwater, so it was unusual for us,” said Sgt. Greg Savory with the Stillwater Police Department.

This all unfolded July 2nd.

Stillwater Police say they followed a known drug offender leaving a house in the 3000 block of S. West Street and stopped them for a traffic violation.

“In that vehicle, we seized over 2,000 hits of LSD, arrested the driver and that`s what led us to obtaining the search warrant for the residence,” said Sgt. savory.

Inside the home investigators found $160,000 worth of illegal drugs and arrested 25-year-old Jacob Stasa.

Police say he lives with a friend but was home alone at the time.

Stan Dunham lives next door he says he’s never met Stasa.

“Selling it and having people hang out here is not something I like to see,” he said, “Some of the things I`ve never heard of!”

Dunham says the neighborhood is usually quiet, so it was odd to see that kind of traffic for one home.

“There`s some people that kind of park anywhere they want in the yard, they`re up and down the street, and there`s people gathered. I have grandchildren here frequently and young kids across the street. I just don`t like seeing that happen,” said Dunham.

For now, he’s glad to see those drugs are off his street. He also says he wishes Stasa well and hopes that he lands on his feet.

“If they`re dealing drugs, and they`re doing other things besides cannabis… yeah, I want that gone,” he said, “I wish the guy good luck, and I hope he corrects the error of his ways whatever that may be.”

Court documents show that Stasa faces five felony drug charges including:

  •  Aggravated Trafficking LSD
  •  Aggravated Trafficking MDMA
  •  Aggravated Trafficking Ecstasy
  •  Possession of CDS-Psilocybin Mushrooms with intent to distribute
  •  Possession of CDS-THC with intent to distribute

Stasa is expected back in court September 9th.