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BECKHAM COUNTY – A toddler was found wandering down Route 66. Now, DHS and the Beckham County Sheriff’s office are involved.

It happened just outside of Elk City Friday afternoon.

Old Route 66 is one of the busiest highways in Beckham County. But Friday, traffic came to a near standstill.

It was a little after noon that 911 dispatchers received the call. A woman describing a toddler, wearing nothing but his diaper, pulling a wagon down ol’ 66.

“You don’t understand,” said the woman to dispatch. “This poor baby was right in the middle of the highway.”

The reporting party was LaDawn Moore of Texas. She and her husband, Steve, were on a quick weekend trip, driving just outside of Elk City.

“So, we have this baby…thinking, ‘What are we supposed to do with this baby?'” LaDawn told to NewsChannel 4.

“You just don’t see that,” Steve said. “You don’t see a baby in the middle of the highway.”

The couple, along with another driver, began redirecting traffic.

Once they reached the toddler, though, they realized the condition of the child.

“The baby’s got poop running all over it,” said LaDawn to dispatch. “The diaper is horribly soiled.”

Before officials reached the scene, witnesses say a woman emerged from a nearby house, claiming to be the mother, and took the kid inside.

“Deputies and Elk City officers attempted to make contact with the mother,” said undersheriff Jeff Bilbo, with the Beckham County Sheriff’s Office. “She wouldn’t answer the door.”

Bilbo said three children have since been removed from the home.

“We’ve gotten an order from the court to pick up the children, and the children are in DHS custody,” he said.

The case is still in the very early stages of an investigation.

Because no charges have yet been filed, officials haven’t released the name of the mom or any other guardians involved with the wandering toddler.

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