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OKLAHOMA CITY – Developers said they had no idea the amount of success they would have when they purchased a plot of land just south of the Oklahoma River.

“We only started construction seven or eight months ago and we’re already 65% sold out in phase one,” said Josh Kitchen, vice president of Wheeler Home.

The Meier family is about to move into their first home in the Wheeler District.

“A close-knit community because we’re so close to our neighbors and I feel like the more people that are going to be here, the more opportunities there is to make good friendships,” Karsten Meier said.

Crews are in the process of building 54 homes in phase one, and now developers are doubling that number for phase two.

It’s a popular concept that they couldn’t even imagine when they broke ground in 2017.

“We are meeting a need for Oklahoma City residents that want to be downtown but don’t want the headache of plumbing that’s 80 years old, they don’t want old wiring,” Kitchen said.

Jonathan Teal’s family was one of the first to sign on.

“Just a very unique deal to have a new construction house and be right in downtown,” he said.

Soon, crews will start construction on apartments and condos, as well as 30,000 square feet of commercial space and a school.

“School, place to go eat, obviously the Ferris wheel is right up the road, all of those things is kind of a confluence of what we’re most excited about,” Teal said.

“Wheeler is a fantastic, aggressive expansion of what’s been happening already downtown, but Wheeler is the connection from the north side to the south and we’re really excited about that,” Kitchen said.

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