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OKLAHOMA CITY – Gail White was still cleaning up the mess Monday afternoon.

Shattered glass looking almost like glittering Christmas decorations littered the floor inside her store, The Brew Shop OKC, at N.W. 28th and Pennsylvania.

She crunched over the glass sweeping it up and dumping it with a loud clatter into a nearby trash can.

“It’s tough because you work hard, small business, try to make a living, and people do senseless things like this and it’s aggravating,” White said.

Not too far away at N.W. 39th and Classen, another office building was shot up as well.

“When we got here this morning, we realized there’s still holes in all three panels as though somebody was trying to cause as much damage as possible,” said Troy Stevenson.

Stevenson is the executive director of Freedom Oklahoma, an LGBTQ advocacy group.

They rent space in the office building, and the entrance to their offices is the area that got shot up.

“This is violence. It’s not acceptable and, no matter what somebody’s differences of opinion, they shouldn’t be shooting up people’s workplaces, or their homes or any of that,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson said the fact this has happened to other similar organizations, including The Equality Center in Tulsa earlier this year, makes him feel like they could’ve been targeted.

“It’s an absolute cowardly act of violence, and we aren’t going to be intimidated. We aren’t going to be scared. We’re not going to change what we do,” Stevenson said.

Gail believes it might have just been people out randomly shooting at businesses.

“Maybe I’m naive but, you know, I think the best of people and I kind of thought it was, you know, people just out for a joy ride just trying to make mischief,” White said.

Both White and the owner of the office building housing Freedom Oklahoma made police reports.

Stevenson said they will be installing cameras on the building so, if this ever happens again, they’ll be able to catch the culprits.