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KINGFISHER, Okla. – Plans for a $460 million wind farm are moving forward in Kingfisher County and Canadian County.

Apex Wind Energy is preparing to break ground on the Kingfisher Wind Farm, which will include 122 wind turbines.

Apex official Kent Dougherty said the company negotiated leases with private landowners to place the turbines on their property.

“Some portion of that energy is going to be used right in Canadian County,” Dougherty said. “The vast majority of it is probably going to be used in the greater Oklahoma area where the real demand for that power is.” 

The wind turbines will be placed in unincorporated parts of each county in between Piedmont and Okarche.

The wind farm will generate enough power for 80,000 homes, Dougherty said.

Back in Nov. 2012, the city of Piedmont discussed the controversial project.

Some residents voiced concerns about the size of the wind turbines.

They believe the structures will hurt their property value and ruin their view.

Piedmont officials decided to not allow the structures within city limits.

“This has been one of the most polarizing issues that I’ve been involved in,” Canadian County Commissioner Dave Anderson said.

Canadian County and Kingfisher County officials told News Channel 4 they do not plan on taking any action regarding the wind farm.

Officials said it is a deal between Apex and the landowners.

Despite the controversy, Apex is touting the project as an investment in renewable energy.

Officials believe the project will also help generate tax dollars for the community.

“The multiplier effects equal a large number of jobs over the long-term and a considerable amount of additional income coming into the community,” Dougherty said.

Construction on the project is scheduled to start later this year.

In December, Apex finished construction of the Canadian Hills Wind project, which is located just outside Oklahoma City.

Officials said it is the largest single-phase wind farm to be developed and constructed in Oklahoma.