AKRON, Ohio (KFOR/Storyful) – It was “strike three, you’re out!” for an alleged car part thief at an auto repair shop in Akron, Ohio. Employees say when the suspect came back a third time, they grabbed a forklift and hoisted the vehicle in which the man was hiding 20 feet into the air. Once police arrived, they lowered the car and the man was greeted with handcuffs.

When the officer asked the suspect his name, the man responded with, “None of your business, bro.” When the officer told him he was being arrested, the suspect said, “I was running from someone, bro.”

Employees at Arlington Auto Wrecking say they have suffered a slew of catalytic converter thefts on their premises.

According to local reports, the suspect has a criminal history and “was wearing a backpack that had a Sawzall cutting tool, Sawzall blades and several other hand tools.”

During the video at the top of this story, which shows the suspect’s arrest, Akron Police officers are heard saying that the suspect began banging his head on the police cruiser when he was told he was being arrested.