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OKLAHOMA CITY – Two are dead and one is fighting for his life after an Eagle Med helicopter crashed traveling from Baptist Hospital to Watonga early Friday morning.

The chopper crashed outside the Saint Ann Retirement and Nursing Home.

Police said the officials on the National Transportation Safety Board are on their way from Washington to investigate the crash.

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Mangled metal is the only thing left of the helicopter.

The pilot, Mark Montgomery, and a nurse, Chris Denning, didn’t survive.

Medic Billy Wynne was pulled from the wreckage and now is fighting for his life.

“Oh horrible, just devastating,” Kaye Capers said.

Capers rushed to the nursing home where she works.

When she arrived fire crews and police surround the parking lot.

The pilot was able to crash-land the chopper there.

More than 100 patients live at the nursing home just feet from where the chopper crashed.

Fire fighters said it’s amazing the pilot was able to bring down the helicopter without injuring more people.

“That pilot was wonderful,” Betty Steel said. “He put that thing downright in the right place.”

She was in her apartment when she heard an explosion.

“I’m just stunned; it just overwhelms me,” Steel said.

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Four nurses at Saint Ann’s and one man driving past saw the helicopter fall from the sky.
They jumped into action and pulled the medic from the fiery wreckage.

Moments later, the chopper exploded for a second time.

“That’s just amazing. You can’t even imagine with the fire going on, and those people jumped in and pulled that guy out,” Capers said. “They were totally risking their lives.”

Seeing where the chopper could have gone down, she has a message for the pilot’s family.

“He is a super hero, super, super hero,” she said.