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OKLAHOMA CITY – It was a tragic and heartbreaking scene in a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

A woman and her dog were killed when they were mauled by a pitbull and another large dog just before 2 p.m.

Officials told NewsChannel 4, when they first got to the scene, they could not get to the woman fast enough.

“They were not able to get to her at first because of the dogs. They had to shoot one of the dogs, and the second dog was actually hit by a police car,” said MSgt. Gary Knight. “It was still alive. It was transported to animal welfare to be treated.”

Neighbors in the area are in total disbelief over the incident, knowing it could have happened to them.

“Our prayers go out to this woman and her family,” said neighbor Tim Pool. “My gosh, this is right down the street from where we live, and every one of these attacks is always where somebody lives.”

Pool said this isn’t the first time he’s heard of a dog attack close by.

“I walk these streets almost every morning with my dog and, many times, my dog’s been attacked by other people’s dogs, and I’ve cautioned them: don’t do that, they have to be controlled. And, many receive it well. Others don’t seem to understand what I’m talking about,” he said. “You have to control your dogs. It’s the law. And, you see this tragedy. Somebody’s lost their life for crying out loud.”

The victim’s identity has not been released at this time.

Officials are also trying to figure out if the dogs had owners.