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OKLAHOMA – Police are looking for a woman who scammed a World War II veteran out of almost $100,000.

He was reportedly told by a trusted friend God had put them in each other’s lives but, turns out, police said she was just a thief looking to cash in.

The victim, Ivan Stewart, is one of the only survivors of Pearl Harbor left to tell his story.

“All of a sudden, hot air and scrap metal came at me, but I didn’t realize what it was. Knocked me out, and then I went over to the battleships and was still exploding, on fire. Pulled a man off a battleship,” Stewart cried as he remembered.

He is a hero and a man of God who pushes through by “keeping his mind busy” and helping others.

“And, that’s been my life. Still is,” Stewart said.

The 93-year-old was caring for a friend at a nursing home when he said he met Mylissa Turner, who worked there at the time.

“I thought she was a lady that needed some help,” Stewart said.

That is exactly what a court document said Stewart did, helping Turner buy a $6,700 Lexus and then helping her set up and operate a home healthcare out of a house he had inherited.

“Tried to help her get started, but I helped her too much,” Stewart said.

Even though she allegedly missed several payments to him, Stewart paid the utilities.

After the home caught fire, he said Turner claimed she could not pay him until she received insurance money.

Later, Stewart said she offered to give him $30,000 for the house, which is $80,000 less than the appraised value.

“She gave me 25, and I thought, well, you know, I’d get her out of my hair,” Stewart said.

The situation got hairier after police told him Turner had been lying and actually had money, $309,000 for the claim on the home.

“What can you do? Money’s not the important thing in life,” Stewart said.

The World War II vet could be angry but, instead, he is showing compassion.

“Well, I’m hurt, and I’m sorry for her, and I don’t wish her any harm,” Stewart said.

Turner is facing an exploitation charge.

NewsChannel 4 tried calling her Thursday, but the phone number was not working.