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NORFOLK, Va. – Two police officers are recovering after they were allegedly assaulted by a man in Norfolk.

According to WTKR, officers were called to a neighborhood after residents reported a man screaming and yelling in the street.

Once police arrived, the alleged suspect’s tirade continued.

“The guy was just cussing the policeman out like he knew him from high school. I couldn’t believe he was talking that way and acting that way,” he said.

As authorities tried to calm the man down, witnesses say he assaulted them.

One officer had a significant bite wound on his hand, while the other suffered minor injuries.

“I apologize to those police officers about what happened, but I begged them, ‘Please, don’t shoot my husband,” said Pamela Fornett, who told WTKR that the alleged suspect is her husband.

Officers did not shoot the alleged suspect, who was taken into custody and is undergoing a mental evaluation.

Fornett says her husband isn’t in his right mind and hasn’t taken his medication.

She believes a demon possessed him.

“I caught it on camera,” she said. “A demon- it really was, so I figured that’s what got in him.”

Charges are pending against the suspect.

The officers are expected to be OK.