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CASHION, Okla. – A 65-year-old woman is now facing charges for an incident that all started with a broken tail light. On July 16, Debra Hamil was pulled over by a Cashion police officer for defective equipment, a traffic violation that usually results in an $80 fine. Police released the body camera video of her arrest that has now gone viral. Investigators said Hamil refused to sign the ticket and rolled up her window before driving off. The officer pursued her truck in his vehicle for a few minutes before he pulled her over in a parking lot. Hamil refused to get out of the truck and was pulled out of the vehicle by the officer. Once on the ground, Hamil refused to comply with his commands and was seen kicking the officer. After she kicked the officer, she was tased for refusing to put her hands behind her back. Hamil was arrested and booked into the Kingfisher County Jail. She is facing charges of assault and battery on a police officer and resisting an officer. The Cashion Police Department released these images of Hamil’s truck. Attorney Ed Blau, who is representing Hamil, sent News 4 the following statement:
“The actions of the Cashion Police Department on July 16 were egregious and unnecessary.  The thought that a 65 year old woman, known to the community as the grandmother of two boys lost in the 2012 Piedmont Tornado, needed to be tased and arrested for not signing a ticket offends common notions of decency.  The people of Cashion and the State of Oklahoma are no safer because of the actions of Officer Missinne.  His unnecessary escalation and use of force served no purpose other than to torment and embarrass Ms. Hamil.  We are exploring all legal actions which may be taken to vindicate Ms. Hamil’s civil rights.”