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ENID, Okla. – Authorities in Enid are still investigating after a deceased infant was found inside a dumpster.

Early Sunday morning, Enid police received the call about a possible deceased infant inside a dumpster in the 1600 block of S. 2nd.

When they arrived, they found the deceased baby boy inside a luggage trunk in the dumpster.

He was wrapped in a blanket inside of a plastic trash bag.

Police said the baby boy still had the umbilical cord attached, so they immediately began their investigation in the area surrounding the dumpster.

Officials say Kathryn Green lives inside a nearby mobile home with her three young children.

On Friday, police announced that Green had been identified as a ‘person of interest’ in the case, but they would not go as far as calling her a suspect.

When she was brought in for questioning, authorities say she attempted to hide drugs.

The court affidavit claims that when she was by herself in the interview room, she “had a small square object hidden in her waist band, which she removed and appeared to have put it inside her vaginal area.”

Police were eventually able to get the small baggy, which tested “positive for the presence of methamphetamine.”

Green was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and obstruction of an officer. She was also charged with child neglect after investigators say they found dirty and unsafe conditions inside her home.

The court affidavit details “an alcohol bottle lying on the floor,” “extension cords” running through the residence, “a strong odor of rotting food coming from the kitchen,” “soiled mattresses” in the kids’ rooms and other things that made it unsafe for the children there.

“Medications, I believe they said there was a machete laying out on the porch, open light sockets,” said Capt. Jack Morris, with the Enid Police Department.

Police are still not saying if Green is the mother of the deceased baby boy.

“There’s obviously a possibility, but we’re not going to say that either way. I mean that’s what we’ll send DNA off and have OSBI look into that and make that determination. But there’s a possibility she’s not,” said Capt. Morris.

They’re also now waiting on the infant’s autopsy results to answer even more questions.

“It’s kind of in the hands of the medical side of it with the ME’s office. That’s going to help us out with time of death, the term of the child, if the child was stillborn or not at the time the child was born,” said Capt. Morris.

Green remains in jail on the current charges.

Online court records indicate there have been orders for determination of competency in her two cases.