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PADEN, Okla. – A woman with special needs is left traumatized after being brutally attacked by dogs. It happened on Friday in Paden.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan went to the woman’s rescue.

Mary Williams, the boarding homeowner, said the woman who was attacked is doing okay but they want the dogs owners to fess up.

“I wish they would come over, and say how sorry they are and to let us know that our clients will be safe going to the store now,” Williams said.

Williams raced to the hospital after getting the horrifying news.

“I was really shocked,” she said. “I thought it was just a small bite or something but, when I saw it, it was terrible.”

Pam Norman found the victim on her hands and knees on the side of the road.

“There was blood everywhere,” Norman said. “She lifted her sleeve up, and she had a huge gash that was to the bone on her right hand and punctured marks on her left hand.”

Norman helped the woman into her car and, as they drove away, the woman told Norman what happened.

“She said ‘Look what that dog did to me,’ and she lifted her arm like this, and she said it was that dog and she pointed at the dog across the street, at the dog that had attacked her,” she said.

Norman said there were three dogs around the woman when she found her but they weren’t attacking her at the time.

“There were two smaller dogs, and the bigger dog that she said had attacked her was a short stalky kind of brindle red colored dog, looked like a pit,” she said.

Williams said this has everyone on edge because this isn’t the first time a patient has been attacked in the area.

“That’s scary,” she said. “Even my grandkids walk to the park. Now, I’m scared to death the dogs might attack them. You never know.”

They hope all dog owners use this as a lesson.

“Keep them in an enclosed area and know their habits,” Norman said. “If something is going on strange with your dog, just like a human, have it checked out because you never know what will happen.”

The Okfuskee County Sheriff’s Department said they are still investigating the attack and they’re still trying to find the dogs and their owners.