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OKLAHOMA CITY – New details on a story that caused dozens of NewsChannel 4 viewers to call asking how they can help.

Teriasia Dean found a purse on the pavement and despite facing eviction and her own financial woes, she returned the purse to the owner.

Doing the right thing was easy for Dean.

It touched so many viewers, they wanted to help her with her rent.

NewsChannel 4 caught up with Dean on Christmas.

She was laughing with loved ones but in the back of her mind, she carried the rent burden.

“I’ve always been that ‘never let them see you sweat-type girl,'” Dean said. “I tough it out and I make it work.”

She’s been working her retail make up job to catch up on her rent for months.

She’s been battling staph infection and fell behind on the payment.

Then, she said the apartment complex posted an eviction notice on her door.

She has to pay $670 by Friday or get out.

All the while, Dean held the key to dealing with the eviction.

She found the Coach purse in a parking lot.

Instead of stealing money from the wallet, she returned it to the rightful owner, Barbara Cannon.

“I’ve gone through my own life experiences where I had to step back and I had to humble myself and know that material things and money don’t make me. So, it wouldn’t have made me to spend her money or swipe her card,” Dean said.

A decision so touching, viewers are calling and e-mailing to see if they can help Dean with her rent realities.

Dean’s grandmother said she understands why.

“It’s a rude awakening that there are some honest people in the world,” Helen Potter said. “They’re still out there doing good by people.”

One viewer, whose identity we promised not to reveal, showed up with her hard-earned cash all for Dean.

Tears filled Dean’s eyes.

“Oh wow. $800. Oh wow” Dean said. “You have people who don’t even know you who do things for you and bless you and I’ve always been a giver and it’s different to receive, you know?”

Counting the money, she sent the message to the mystery donor.

“Thank you so much. Thank you so much for, if it was placed on your heart and following through. I am forever grateful. I am very thankful.”