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MOORE, Okla.- After risking his own life to protect his grandmother during the May 20 tornado, a local medic is in mourning after she succumbed to her injuries early Thursday morning.

As the twister began its trek toward Moore, Stephen Begay followed it.

By the time he reached his grandmother’s house, there was nothing left.

He said, “There was no distinguishable part of her house, the walls were just gone.”

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Kathryn Begay, 90, was buried under the collapsed walls and covered in blood.

“She had a massive head injury on the right side of her head, she was bleeding,” said Begay. “It was hard to disconnect myself but, on the other hand, the best I could do for her is to treat her like I would anybody else.”

Kathryn went into cardiac arrest and was on life support for five days.

As the family thought she was recovering, she took a turn for the worse when she suffered a massive stroke.

After a hard-fought battle to recovery, family members say Kathryn died early Thursday morning.

At this time, funeral services are pending.