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El RENO, Okla. – A woman claims her grandson’s dog was seriously dehydrated at a local animal control shelter.

“I just think we could do a little bit more, get El Reno aware of their problems here. They need help. Maybe, get volunteers out,” said June Woodall.

Woodall said it all started when her grandson’s dog was picked up from the animal control shelter in El Reno.

“Dax was very dehydrated. He urinated black. I posted that on my Facebook page. The vet said he was just very dehydrated. He just laid around for days,” Woodall said.

She said that’s why she decided to go out to the shelter on Saturday and check things out.

“I saw the dogs needing water, they were panting,” Woodall said.

She also found what she believes is an animal skeleton and fur lying on the ground next to a dumpster.

“So, I posted on Facebook trying to get some help. I called the after-hours number, and they said there’s nothing they can do. The police department answered. They said the guy was off work,” Woodall said.

However, police soon showed up Saturday to tend to the animals.

“It’s not manned here, but we have two full-time animal control officers. They’re in and out, dropping off animals and then back out on calls,” said Lt. Greg Meeks with El Reno PD.

With one of those officers on vacation, Meeks said it’s been a tough week.

“Mike was out on vacation, Kyle was covering for Mike. So, he’s had the work of two officers instead of one,” Meeks said.

He said the animals are fed and provided water daily.

Regarding the alleged skeletal remains, they believe someone may have dumped them there.

It’s one of several problems he said the shelter often faces.

“We also have a problem with people dropping off animals, because they think somebody should be here to get them. They’re dropping off animals. They tie them to the door, to the railing,” Meeks said.

Woodall was able to chat with the officers Saturday about her concerns regarding the shelter.

“I know they’re doing the best they can. Every police officer, they have a tough job. But, I think they could do a little bit better at keeping it up,” Woodall said.