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OKLAHOMA CITY – A trip to the cell phone store turned into a nightmare for a metro woman—her personal, nude photos allegedly stolen by an employee.

It happened at a T-Mobile in southwest Oklahoma City.

“The victim obviously felt that she was protected,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police. “She wasn’t providing anybody with the photos. She had them in her own personal phone.”

The woman came to get her iPhone fixed and an employee, Jesus Cardenas, took her phone. After giving it back to her, she made a discovery—some messages were sent from her phone.

“She said she noticed on her watch that there were some messages sent from her phone, that were no longer showing as sent from her phone,” said Morgan.

The woman then took a closer look.

“When she opened those up, she realized that they were some explicit photos that she had on her phone that appeared to have been sent to another phone. And she did not send these messages,” said Morgan.

Police say Cardenas sent himself the photos from the victim’s phone and then tried to cover his tracks.

“He did delete them from her phone showing that he had sent the messages from that phone,” said Morgan. “Fortunately in this case, she had her watch on which showed that she had a record of those messages being sent.”

It’s a trust police say was violated.

“This person just abused the power that he was given by her presenting him the phone. He obviously went in there and took advantage of the situation,” said Morgan.

We reached out to T-Mobile but haven’t received a response. Another store employee told us he wasn’t sure if Cardenas was still employed.

Cardenas is in jail charged with nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images and receiving and concealing stolen property.