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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Two women who went to see a show were shocked when they were kicked out for their costumes.

Kandra Pearson and Andrea Bedke spent hundreds of dollars on tickets to see Disney’s “Frozen On Ice,” but they were kicked out before intermission.

The pair dressed as Elsa and Anna  from the hit movie, but they had no idea they would attract so much attention.

At intermission, a representative from the production company told them to “stop acting like princesses” before they were escorted out of the arena by security.

“They said they were uncomfortable with our presence there, and that was it,” Pearson said.

Frank Zang, spokesman for Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment, which owns the arena, told KUTV that he supports the move.

“Their costumes and characters were so real that they disrupted the live performance due to the volume of other patrons seeking to take photographs,” Zang said. “Multiple requests were made by the ‘Disney on Ice’ production for them to stop posing for pictures during the show. At intermission, guest services staff asked them to leave the arena to prevent further disturbances…. It was unfortunate that they became too popular among the fans.”

“We weren’t doing anything disorderly,” said Pearson. “We were customers simply trying to enjoy a Disney show.”

After KUTV’s story, officials said the women would receive a refund and two tickets to a Utah Jazz game.