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OKLAHOMA CITY – The mother of a baby allegedly murdered by her dentist boyfriend is suing.

19-month old Lincoln Lewis was killed in July 2016.

Tulsa dentist Bert Franklin is sitting in jail accused in the murder.

Now the boy’s mother, Roxanne Randall, suing Franklin, her former boyfriend, in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Court documents allege “Franklin violently attacked, assaulted, abused and battered” 19-month old Lewis, causing his death.

Randall is also suing Victory Christian Center in Tulsa.

She’s accusing Victory of negligence for not reporting alleged abuse by Franklin against another child in 2016, just months before Lincoln was murdered.

At Victory’s school, a child reportedly told the staff that “Bert Franklin had physically abused and assaulted her.”

The allegations were never reported to DHS, which is against Oklahoma law.

Randall’s attorney, Ray Maples, says if Randall had known about this, life would be much different.

“If they had reported the abuse and done an investigation, she wouldn’t have been with him anymore. The baby would still be here today,” Maples said.

NewsChannel 4 learned Victory has been sued for negligence before.

In 2013, Victory settled a case after its officials were accused of covering up the sexual assault of a child by a youth leader.

Again in that case, the incident was never reported to DHS.

Our calls to Victory Tuesday went unreturned.

Randall’s attorneys say Franklin sat on the board of directors at Victory Christian Center and was a financial donor.

Randall is demanding a jury trial and is seeking actual damages in excess of $75,000 and may also seek punitive damages.

She’s also seeking attorney fees and other legal costs.