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OKLAHOMA CITY – New drama in the Daniel Holtzclaw case. The former Oklahoma City Police officer faced 13 accusers in trial, but we now know there were more, and at least one woman reportedly made the whole thing up.

Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years last month. He was found guilty on 18 sex crimes.

Much like Holtzclaw’s interrogation video released last week, another video has now come to light.

It features a 14th accuser, who’s story was found to be false.

Shaneice Barksdale made her report in August, 2014. She claimed she’d been stopped by the former officer months before, and gave a detailed report on an alleged assault.

Her report could have possibly led to charges of sexual battery, and second degree rape.

But as she explains in her taped interview with Detective Rocky Gregory, it appears she made the whole thing up.

Gregory: Let me run down through this, Officer Holtzclaw never even stopped you. Is that correct?

Barksdale: Yes. 

In the video, Barksdale says she made the allegations trying to “help,” because she heard of another woman’s story, Jannie Ligons.

Ligons, a 57-year-old grandmother, was the first to report an assault had occurred, and Barksdale claimed she “felt bad.”

Gregory: You made up everything, to try and help her out?

Barksdale: Well, I felt bad for her. 

Gregory: Well, you got yourself into a bind.

Despite Barksdale’s pleas for forgiveness, they continued to fall on the deaf ears of Detective Gregory.

Gregory: They didn’t come forward, I’ve had to go find [victims]. If I didn’t have that real thing to do, right now, I probably would arrest you. Because you’re taking time out of a very real thing.

Barksdale: I’m so sorry. 

Days after the interview, an arrest warrant was issued for Barksdale.

She’s since been charged with a misdemeanor for falsely reporting a crime, and her case has been delayed several times.

Her next court date is set for Thursday.