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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are investigated yet another case of what they’re calling ‘jugging,’ where people are followed from their bank where they just withdrew cash, followed to their next destination, and robbed or burglarized.

“You really don’t think it’s going to happen to you until it happened in my driveway in broad daylight,” Tara Duff told News 4.

It happened on Thursday afternoon around four at Duff’s home near S Blackwelder and SW 134th.

Duff said it all happened in the blink of an eye.

“I was outside with my ex-mother-in-law and I was about to help her get a bike out of the back of the car and so we- as we were taking the bike out, a car pulled up in that driveway,” Duff said, pointing to her neighbor’s driveway.

Police believe the two women inside that car saw Duff’s ex-mother-in-law leave the Bank of America at SW 89th and Western, where she cashed a $640 check, and then followed her from there to Duff’s home.

“I see something out of the corner of my eye and I was like something is moving in her car but there’s nobody out here and so as I ran around the side of the car. I could see someone crouched down running back to the car,” said Duff. “I just assumed it was her purse, so I started screaming give me her purse back.

However, it wasn’t her purse. It was the envelope filled with all of that cash.

“I jumped in the middle of the door and so did my kids’ grandma and so we’re standing in the door, but they still backed out and as they pulled off she fell,” Duff said.

According to the police report, she was dragged into the street where she was knocked off her feet and then landed on her left hip, then hit her head.

Police are calling this type of crime ‘jugging.’

They think it’s connected to several other recent cases just like this one.

However, they say this latest case is a bit different.

“Before they would just simply follow you and break into the vehicle. Now, they`re actually approaching victims,” MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department said.

Police think the suspects are traveling from Houston to OKC to commit these crimes, leaving their victims, like Duff’s 71-year-old ex-mother-in-law, on edge.

“She’s nervous. She’s scared. She’s looking around, I mean everywhere she goes, I think she’s always on like high alert about everything, she’s checking everybody out. It makes you do that,” Duff said.

If you recognize the suspect’s vehicle that was caught on surveillance cameras, call Crime Stoppers at (405)-235-7300.