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LEXINGTON, Okla. –  A young couple faces a long road to recovery after a gun accident in June left 18-year-old Landon Buss in a wheelchair.

“I’ve had two more surgeries. I’m on six now,” he said.

Landon continues to heal from the gunshot wounds in both feet.

On June 6, a loaded Winchester 3030 rifle fell to the floor of his family’s RV in Lexington, firing a round that went through both of his feet.

“It’s still not healed up completely, there is still a hole in my foot,” Landon told News 4.

Pressure pumps to his feet, and picc lines with antibiotic from drip bags, to try to heal a staph infection are part of his day-to-day life.

“It’s been hard, obviously. We’ve had lots of unexpected surgeries,” said Autumn Buss, Landon’s wife.

There’s been a lot of unexpected hardships for the 18-year-old couple. Autumn is 16 weeks pregnant and still working at her insurance job in Purcell.

“I’m mom, nurse, wife. It’s a lot sometimes,” said Autumn.

They have moved from their RV to Autumn’s mom’s trailer. A church group built a ramp for Landon’s wheelchair.

“Just getting around, yeah, the car is the hardest part anytime. We have to go down the ramp and of course, she is pregnant. Getting me up and down the ramp is pretty hard for her. Getting in the car is whole ‘nother thing. I have to crawl into it. It’s just hard,” said Landon.

Landon was slated to enlist in the Army before the accident, now he plans to go to college online in the spring and study IT. The two rely on each other for medical care and support. Autumn says it’s brought them closer together.

With the baby due in January, Landon knows it wont get any easier.

“It’s going to be harder. She is going to be at work and I’m probably still going to be in a wheelchair when the baby comes so, just getting around and taking care of the baby is going to be hard. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to walk in a year.”

If you’d like to help out the young couple as the medical bills continue to mount, click here for their gofundme page.