OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office removed political signs that were not in compliance with state law during the primaries on Tuesday.

Under Oklahoma Title 26, electioneering is prohibited.

“No person shall be allowed to electioneer within three hundred (300) feet of any ballot box while an election is in progress.”


Oklahoma County Deputy Michael Ray told KFOR poll workers will call the county election board to file a complaint that a political sign may be too close to the ballot box.

Once the election board is made aware of the complaint, a representative will file it with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Ray and his team of six that head the electioneering detail unit will then drive to the polling location in question to measure the distance from the polling box to the political sign.

Out of the eight calls Deputy Ray received before 2:30 p.m., seven of them were in violation measuring less than 300 feet. The closest political sign he had pulled up until then measured at 49 feet.

Deputy Ray took down more than two dozen political signs in eight hours.

All signs not in compliance with this law will be taken down and laid to the side for pick up.

Deputy Ray said the purpose of this law is to maintain open and clean walkways for voters to go through.

Deputy Ray has been a part of this electioneering detail for the last eight years and said this is something he does almost every election.

Although the law is physically enforced, Deputy Ray said citations or violations are “never really handed out.”