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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has won the GOP primary in his race for a second term as governor in deep-red Oklahoma.

Stitt’s victory on Tuesday sets up a showdown with State Superintendent of Public Education Joy Hofmeister, a lifelong Republican who switched parties to run against Stitt as a Democrat.

Stitt defeated ex-Tulsa police officer Mark Sherwood, Joel Kintsel, the head of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, and Moira McCabe of Oklahoma City.

“We made historic investments in education. We raised teacher pay to top in the region. We put more money into rural schools. And we made government more accountable to the people. We’re delivering better services while keeping government small and limited. And our economy right now, is booming and thriving,” Stitt said on Tuesday night.

His campaign did not release an official statement as of Wednesday morning.

Hofmeister defeated longtime Democratic Party activist and former state Sen. Connie Johnson.

“Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans who went to the polls today and voted for new leadership in the Governor’s office. I’m humbled to be your Democratic nominee and I’m ready to work for all Oklahomans. As I’ve driven across this state, people tell me they are ready for change. Oklahomans want an end to the self-dealing and cronyism brought by Governor Stitt that is putting the future of our families and businesses at risk. Stitt promised to run Oklahoma like a business, but by his own standards, the business of Oklahoma is failing. Our schools are desperate for resources, quality and affordable health care is out of reach for too many, and Oklahomans are struggling to find good-paying jobs that will sustain a family during rising inflation.”

Joy Hofmeister, Democratic nominee for governor

Independent Ervin Yen, an Oklahoma City anesthesiologist and former Republican state senator, and Libertarian Natalie Bruno of Edmond also will be on the November ballot.

“The results of Tuesday’s Primary, confirm what our campaign has been hearing for months. Oklahoma voters want real change. More than 1.5 million registered voters weren’t inspired enough by either Stitt or Hofmiester to even cast their ballot. And of those who did vote, nearly 200 thousand Oklahomans said they don’t want Kevin Stitt or Joy Hofmeister to be their Governor. Our campaign team is looking forward to presenting the tremendous differences between myself and the other candidates.”

Dr. Ervin Yen, Independent nominee for governor

With the results of the establishment party gubernatorial primaries, it’s settled that in the general election Oklahomans will be able to pick from three Republicans, one on the GOP ticket, one on the Democratic, and one as an Independent, or they can vote for a Libertarian. I’m looking forward to giving voters a real choice in November.

Natalie Bruno, Libertarian nominee for governor