OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Election Day is Tuesday and before thousands of Oklahomans head to the polls, the Oklahoma State Election Board is addressing concerns on election security.

From concerns over election security, to misinformation, to even severe weather, they’ve seen it all before and are ready to address it again.

“For election officials, this is our Super Bowl,” said Paul Ziriax, Secretary of the Oklahoma State Election Board. 

As Oklahomans head to the polls, they can rest assured that behind the scenes, the Oklahoma State Election Board is working together to ensure a safe, secure and smooth election.

“As of right now, there aren’t any credible threats, as was stated,” said Hiram Tabler, Director of the Office of Homeland Security in Oklahoma. “That’s pretty much it. We’re just monitoring the situation and it’s safe to go out and vote.”

Right now, the state has staff monitoring various platforms from websites to social media around the clock.

“I can tell you, we have very robust, multi-layered defenses that are in place and there’s never been a successful penetration of Oklahoma’s voting system,” Ziriax said. 

In fact, the biggest threat officials say they see every year is misinformation.

“We’ve seen false claims of voter suppression,” said Ziriax. “We’ve seen false claims of widespread voter fraud. There could be people who are trying to manipulate you or try to affect you in an emotional way to doubt the outcome of an election.”

If you do have any questions or concerns at your polling place, you’re asked to talk to your precinct inspector.

“If that’s not satisfactory, call your county election board but whatever you do, do this while the incident or the issue is in progress because no one wants to fix a problem more than your election officials,” Ziriax said.

In the wake of severe storms in southeastern Oklahoma, there is at least one polling place that has changed.

Visit the state election board’s website for more information.