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OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Election Board says the primary hand-recount confirmed candidates Kevin Calvey and Gayland Gieger are headed to a runoff August 23 for the Oklahoma County District Attorney Republican nomination.

On June 28, Calvey won 26,975 votes (50 percent). He is set to go into a runoff election on Aug. 23 against Gayland Gieger, who obtained 12,548 votes (23 percent) in the primary.

Calvey was just 30 votes short of avoiding a runoff election, so he called for a recount.

“As we know all too well, our election process is not above the occasional mistake — especially machine-counting mistakes,” Calvey said. “Our campaign is just doing its due diligence to ensure all valid votes were included and counted correctly. We will work with the County Election Board so voters can rest assured this election will be reviewed for 100% accuracy.”

Last Wednesday, a judge approved the recount.

Now, the Oklahoma State Election Board says that recount is completed.

“Out of nearly 58,000 ballots that were recounted by hand, there were only 6 changes from the original count: Gray (+2), Gieger (+2) & Calvey (+2),” said the board.

Secretary of the State Election Board, Paul Ziriax hopes the recounts will help dispel some of the misinformation that Oklahoma election officials have been hearing since 2020.

“Recounts are an important part of the election process, and these recounts proved once again that Oklahoma has one of the most accurate and secure voting systems in the entire world. That is something that every Oklahoman can be proud of,” Ziriax said. “These hand recounts are the latest proof that Oklahoma’s eScan voting devices accurately tabulate ballots. Voters should avoid misinformation that claims otherwise.”

The Oklahoma County Election Board will certify the post-recount election results for Oklahoma County District Attorney today, and the State Election Board will meet on Friday to certify those results.

The State Election Board says hand recounts for McIntosh County Commissioner, District 3 Democratic Primary and the Nowata County Assessor Republican Primary exactly matched the primary day results.