NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Voters across the metro will be heading to the polls next month to decide several city-specific projects and positions.

Some residents will also be voting on major bond issues regarding several public school districts.

Norman Public Schools

Voters in Norman will soon be heading to the polls to decide on $353.9 million school bond proposals.

The bond proposal includes a stand-alone facility for the Oklahoma Aviation Academy at Max Westheimer Airport.

It also includes a new multi-sport athletic stadium at Norman North High School and updates to Harve Collins Stadium at Norman High School, along with a new all-schools fine arts performance venue.

Officials say a new transportation building for NPS, an animal barn for the districts FFA program and the creation of multi-use spaces in district high schools for esports and other activities are also in the proposal.

The proposal includes additions to elementary school classrooms, STEAM classrooms, maintenance, and upgrades for every district school site.

“I want to thank everyone involved for the collaboration and forward-thinking planning that has gone into preparing this bond resolution,” NPS Superintendent Dr. Nick Migliorino said. “This bond will support the district in its day-to-day operations and provide improvements for our students and staff. These are steps in our long-term plan to maintain and enhance our excellent educational opportunities.”

Officials say the ballot will feature two separate propositions. The first proposition, which is for the bulk of the bond projects, is $349.8 million.

The second proposition, which is specifically for school transportation items, is $4.1 million.

Mustang Public Schools

Voters in Mustang will also head to the polls to decide on $180.9 million worth of improvements to Mustang Public Schools.

The first proposition accounts for $176.9 million.

  • Costs associated with building a new elementary school ($60.9 million)
  • Build a new cafeteria, kitchen, additional classrooms, office space, practice gymnasium, and athletic facility improvements at Mustang High School. Those improvements include a new athletic turf and a new softball hitting facility. ($77 million)
  • Build a safety corridor between the cafeteria and the main building at Mustang Elementary School. ($1.2 million)
  • Building security upgrades across the district. ($7.2 million)
  • Purchase new playground equipment and playground improvements. ($2 million)
  • HVAC equipment and controls, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, flooring improvements, lighting upgrades, technology infrastructure, and roofing improvements. ($10.4 million)
  • Acquire technology equipment and technology related items district-wide. ($11 million)
  • Acquire textbooks and instructional materials and equipment district-wide. ($5 million)
  • Acquire, replace, refurbish, and/or install athletic equipment and uniforms district-wide. ($1 million)
  • Acquire, replace, refurbish, and/or install fine arts equipment, instruments and uniforms district-wide. ($1 million)

The second proposition is $4 million to be used for transportation equipment and safety upgrades to certain transportation equipment.

Stillwater Public Schools

The 2023 Stillwater Bond Issue will consist of two propositions.

“School districts need bond issues, not only for expansion and improvements, but to operate day to day,” says Superintendent Uwe Gordon. “They help provide about twenty percent of our operating budget. Bond 2023 is a pivotal part of the long range vision for SPS and the success of our students.”

The first proposition is for $190 million to be used to complete projects like building a new high school north of Pioneer Stadium, expansions and improvements to athletic facilities, maintenance at all sties, technology and materials, extracurricular activity equipment, uniforms, and musical instruments.

“The existing Stillwater High School was built in 1960,” says Gordon. “The round top gym is even older, and when you walk in there, it’s like you’ve stepped back to the 50s, which is neat in a certain way, but our kids deserve new, modern spaces in which to learn and grow.”

The bond would allow for a new, two-story high school to be build in the current location of Cimarron Plaza.

The second proposition is for $5 million for transportation equipment.

Officials with Stillwater Public Schools say if the proposals are passed, the new high school should be complete by 2026. They also stress that the bonds wouldn’t raise taxes.

The elections are set for Tuesday, Feb. 14. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

To find out what races you will be voting on, visit the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website.