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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A third protest was filed against State Question 820, the petition to legalize recreational marijuana, on Wednesday – just one day before the challenge deadline expired.

SQ 820 seeks to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults 21 and older in Oklahoma.

The new protest challenges the ballot title, which is the summary of the petition that voters read when they are in the ballot box.

“It felt like a political move by political groups to try to keep us off the ballot in November,” said Michelle Tilley, campaign director for SQ820.

Tilley said the ballot title was actually designed by State Attorney General John O’Connor.

She said her campaign proposed their own, but it was O’Connor’s version that was decided on.

Wednesday’s challenge, in part, said the summary was misleading.

“The ballot title accurately states ‘the law will have a fiscal impact on the state,'” read the protest. “The discussion is misleading because it does not advise the voter of any negative fiscal impacts on the state.”

Tilley does not see any of the three challenges as viable and expects the Court to agree.

Regardless, the decision to place State Question 820 on the November ballot is up to the Court.

SQ820 received enough votes to be placed on the November ballot, but because of a new verification system, the process to confirm the signatures was delayed.

Deadlines set by the State Election Board were missed because the verification process took longer than previous petitions.

One deadline that can’t be ignored is September 23. That is when ballots are sent out to voters overseas.

“We’re still fighting to get this on the November ballot,” said Tilley. “As long as there is a sliver of chance that can happen, we’re going to keep fighting for it.”