OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A string of mistakes has left one Oklahoma woman on the sidelines for this election. Despite thinking she’d registered, she won’t be able to vote on Tuesday.  

Mary Gage said she filled out her voter registration form at Mac’s Tag Agency. That was at the end of September, but unfortunately, her paperwork didn’t get sent in on time. 

“I first went on the deal to see if I was registered, it showed I wasn’t registered. I called the tag agency. They told me that, and how convenient she had it in hand,” Mary Gage, Oklahoma resident.  

Workers at Mac’s Tag Agency in South Oklahoma City told KFOR, they failed to send it out on time, but sent it to the election board Wednesday morning.  

“As far as the election board, we spoke with them, and they are looking into it and getting her established… It was mishandled as far as getting it out on time and it was just miscommunicated. As far as when we spoke to her, we had told her that it was just a miss communication on getting it out,” said Savanah Serna, clerk at Mac’s Tag Agency. 

Election officials confirmed they got Mary’s form Wednesday morning, but then they discovered another mistake. It had never been signed.  

Under normal circumstances, the election board told KFOR, “Voters who submit a Voter Registration Application that does not meet the requirements of the law are mailed a letter by their County Election Board explaining why their application was rejected, along with a new application.” 

It is not clear if the tag agency had submitted Mary’s application on time, if the outcome would have been different. 

What is clear is Mary won’t be voting in the midterm election.  

“I haven’t voted in years. I want to vote and I’m not going to get to,” said Gage.  

The deadline to register to vote was Oct. 14.

Mary told KFOR she registered at the tag agency at the end of September.  

Mac’s Tag Agency said that’s the only form that didn’t make it in on time.