BENTON, Arkansas (KFOR/Storyful) – A homeowner in Benton, Arkansas captured video of an 8-point buck in her garage, with its antlers stuck in shelves. When an animal control officer freed him, the buck just fell over, as if it fainted, while accidentally opening the garage refrigerator with his antlers as he fell.

“It’s okay, he’s probably brain-drained. Give him a minute, poor guy,” the homeowner says on camera.

When the stunned buck returned to its feet, he stood there for a while, seemingly in disbelief.

“You’re drunk, go home,” the woman said.

Animal Control Officer Joseph Mills said, “You better run before somebody with a scope sees you!”

According to, The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said the buck might have given himself a concussion when he seemed too stunned to move. City officials say he eventually “ran off relatively unharmed.”