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YUKON, Okla. – A Yukon mother is furious at her child’s former daycare after she claims her toddler was significantly injured while at the facility.

Janelle Prindle is just 2 years old but already has a bright smile.

“She tries to be very vocal,” said Justina Prindle, her mother.

She is vocal but not able to tell her mother what happened the day she fell at daycare.

“As soon as we got home, I noticed my daughter’s lip looked a little swollen and it looked busted. I opened her mouth and got to looking she had bruising behind her top lip,” Justina said.

Justina said her babysitter picked up her kids that day but claims the daycare did not mention the injury.

The next day, she went to ask questions.

“The teacher had filled out an incident report but didn’t call me or anything, and they said they couldn’t tell the babysitter because that’s not her guardian,” Justina said.

The daycare, Here We Grow, confirms the girl fell but has a different story.

“That’s not true. We filled out an incident report as soon as it happened, and mom signed it that night,” said Christian Norman, the Regional Director of Here We Grow.

Justina claims she did not sign the report until the following day.

“When you make false allegations, our parents then question us, when we’re doing everything we can that we’re required to do,” Norman said.

Justina said the injury caused her daughter’s front right tooth to die and she will now have to get a baby version of a root canal.

She is demanding to see video of the fall, but the daycare told NewsChannel 4 the footage is streamed live and there is no recording.

“I understand accidents happen. I just want that peace of mind, and to know they’re saying everything opposite of mine almost makes me feel like they’re covering it up” Justina said.

Here We Grow officials said the child’s fall there would not have caused trauma to her tooth and the damage could have been caused at home.

The director said she believes Justina is upset because they reported her to DHS the week before for not having formula for her baby and leaving her kids late.

Justina disputes that.

DHS officials confirmed it is aware of the fall and is investigating.