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YUKON, Okla. – A local police department and school district are investigating two alleged attacks on the same victim that were captured on camera.

Cell phone video that is now circulating on social media caught a middle school student being punched repeatedly by three fellow Yukon Middle School students.

“Can be seen exchanging punches with another juvenile and then being physically assaulted, seemingly unprovoked, by two juvenile subjects,” Major Matt Fairchild, with the Yukon Police Department, said.

Investigators say it happened last Thursday at a mobile home park.

On Friday, a video captured the same boy being punched in the school’s bathroom. This time, authorities say it looks like a different person was throwing punches, adding that the victim didn’t fight back.

“We are appalled every time one of our students is involved in something like this. Our heart goes out to that kid and their families,” Yukon Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said in a video statement posted to Facebook.

He goes on to ask the public to always go to them first before posting to social media.

“Let us have a crack at solving the problem. Chances are we may have already solved it and just haven’t been able to tell you about it,” Dr. Simeroth said.

Yukon Public Schools also released the following statement:

“Yukon Public Schools along with the Yukon Police Department are actively investigating videos circulating on social media that involve Yukon Middle School students. The safety of our students is our first priority. Yukon Public Schools is not at liberty to publicly disclose the students’ names nor any disciplinary actions taken. We encourage everyone to report threats of any kind to a district or school official, local law enforcement, or via the Oklahoma School Security tip line at or by calling 855.337.8300.”

Officials with Yukon Public Schools confirmed they have already taken disciplinary actions on the students involved.

However, their punishment may not be over since police are also investigating both of the incidents.

“They could be facing charges of assault and battery and possibly bullying,” Major Fairchild said.