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OKLAHOMA CITY—Tempers flare at the Oklahoma City Zoo Trust meeting as one vendor fights to keep his contract. He accused board members of having a hidden agenda and giving an advantage over a new vendor they chose to work with.

This controversy over who will having planning and management rights to the Zoo Amphitheater concerts has been heating up over the past two weeks.

The board is facing allegations of back door business dealings by a man who many are calling a disgruntled contractor.

Howard Pollack pleaded one last time to the zoo trust hoping to reverse the decision to go with another vendor.

Pollack said, “It’s close to my heart, it’s like my baby and the fact of the matter is it’s like watching your baby be torn out of your hands.”

After ten years of service, he lost the bid to 3 Horse Productions, a company formed just one day before deadline and, he says, has ties to local casinos.

Pollack said, “We don’t just sell tickets, we don’t just book shows, we also give back to the city.”

He accuses the company of shady business dealings with zoo trust members.

Pollack’s attorney, Jerry Foshee, says other companies have event taken credit for his client’s work.

Foshee said, “He did over $475,000 worth of improvements since he’s been there but they’re not giving him any credit.”

A spokesperson for 3 Horse Productions says the allegations against the company are false.

Kym Koch said, “They understand that Mr. Pollack is upset about the prospect of losing the account, and as a result he’s launching some unfounded accusations and allegations to which they felt no need to respond to at this time.”

Supporters gave Pollack a standing ovation, but trust members were less than thrilled with the way things transpired.

Vince White with the Zoological Trust said, “After seeing the way you’ve behaved yourself during this process, if you were the only party that bid, I’d be in favor of closing it down because you’ve shown your true character and that’s where the bad behavior has been.”

The board ultimately decided to discontinue work with Pollack and move forward with negotiations with 3 Horse Productions.

The company is already planning to make some changes.

Koch said, “Spruce up the bathrooms, supply, maybe, some new food products without changing the overall history and heritage feel of that historic venue.”

Pollack has decided to continue his fight; he and his legal counsel are meeting to discuss their next course of action.