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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – There were several lead changes in the women’s full marathon in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

After crossing the starting line, a familiar face set herself apart from many of the runners.

Catherine Lisle, who has won the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon several times, put herself in the lead, being cheered on by her husband who was running by her side.

Although Lisle’s pace seemed steady, it appeared that another runner was catching up.

At one point, Ewa Zaborowska became tied with Lisle in a neck-and-neck race.

Soon, Zaborowska fell behind and another racer took her place.

Layne Hammer came from the third spot to quickly overtake Lisle and Zaborowska in the lead for the women’s race.

Hammer graduated from Oklahoma Christian University and has even set several running records at the university.

At the 20 mile mark, Hammer had a commanding lead over the other runners. The running app showed that Hammer was on pace for a 6:30 mile and had about a 2 minute lead over Zaborowska. She had about a 4 minute lead over Lisle.

Near the 24 mile mark, Hammer’s pace started to slow slightly but she still had a large lead over Zaborowska.

As she was closing in on the finish line, Hammer had to stop and catch her breath.

Hammer was able to finish the race at 2 hours, 54 minutes, and 34 seconds. Her average pace was a 6:40 minute mile.

Zaborowska finished just 28 seconds behind Hammer, taking second place in her first marathon.

Hammer says this is her second marathon, and it was extremely difficult for her. She said that she was a little overconfident in the middle of the race, but didn’t feel like she could slow down after she had a commanding lead.