OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – If your looking for a clean sweep of all your digital devices we have just the remedies you are in need of according to KFOR’s Digital Content Manager Kari King.

A digital declutter is both helpful and takes weight off your shoulders. A proposed game plan should start with:

  1. Desktop / Laptop – go through and find out if you have any duplicates, move everything to documents and clean out folders.
  2. Remember it is okay to hit “delete” – be brave
  3. Go through your photo’s – your don’t need 12 pictures of the same thing if three of them are blurry
  4. Inboxes – unsubscribe to unwanted email lists go to the oldest one filter and archive if not move to external hard drive
  5. Apps & Streaming service – delete if you have not opened in 6 months or more ensure that you use what you have on your phone this will clear up space and your device will operate better.
  6. Protect your accounts – use two step authentication and do not reuse passwords this can save you, headache, hassle and possible even money in some cases, according to King.