HAMMON, Okla. (KFOR) — A student from Hammon’s artwork caught the eye of Google!

Google announced the 54 state and territory winners for the annual Doodle for Google compeittion and 9th grader William Long made the cut.

Long called his Doodle ‘Explore the Unknown’ and it was selected from thousands of entries.

William Long. Image provided in news release

Here’s where you come in… you can vote for your favorite and the winner will win prizes and have their artwork displayed on the Google homepage.

Voting will be open from July 7-12th and you can go vote now!

The national winner wins $30,000 college scholarship and their school receives a $50,000 tech package towards improving or establishing a computer lab or technology program.

You can find a full list of state winners AND vote for your favorite here. Long is hoping you will choose his submission use this link and then click on grades 8-9, then scroll until you find ‘Oklahoma.’