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Here are links to unemployment information for Oklahomans:

For Claimants

For Employers

For Small Business Owners

In the interim, laid-off workers should file for benefits whether they know they qualify. Meanwhile, many employers urgently need workers. Look for jobs at www.okjobmatch.com.

Unemployment Claims may be securely filed online at www.unemployment.ok.gov.

Oklahoma Governor Stitt’s office released this statement on 3/30/2020

The governor’s office has been working in close coordination with OESC to ensure they have the resources and manpower needed to respond to the growing number of claims for unemployment. Earlier this month, the governor waived the one-week waiting period for unemployment benefits to allow Oklahomans to access the help they need more quickly. The governor’s team has also been working to leverage resources across state agencies to address technology needs OESC may have, by providing a development team to ensure the agency’s systems are able to stay up and running during the uptake in web and phone traffic, and connect them with more state employees to help fill in gaps as needed.

Also, as a side note- The most claims that the OESC ever received in one week was 9,000 in 1991. In comparison, last week the OESC received almost five times that number. These are unprecedented numbers that the team at OESC is working to effectively and quickly process and respond to.

Baylee Lakey, Communications Director, Office of Governor Kevin Stitt

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