How to save more money for your retirement

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When it comes to retirement, you may think of it as an event far in the future.

In fact, almost one-third of American workers haven't saved for retirement.

Experts say about 28 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 put aside.

Some people say they don't plan to retire or their home will pay for their needs in old age.

However, a survey shows about 50 percent of retirees left work earlier than they wanted.

Also, if you sell your home, you still must pay for a place to live.

Experts say the first step to start a retirement plan is to have money taken from your paycheck automatically, so it feels like it is just another bill to pay.

If you get a raise, devote all of it or some of it to your retirement fund.

If it is getting close to retirement, pick three things you can live without and devote that money to savings.

Some examples include cable bills, manicures, lawn services, sodas and fast food breakfasts.

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