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(NBC NEWS) – Tonight on “Dateline,” a Tennessee community is shaken when high school student Emma Walker is found murdered in her bed.

Here is a preview of Andrea Canning’s report:

On November 20, 2016 — a Sunday — Emma went for ice cream with her dad. Planned to get up early for school the next morning.

MARK WALKER: I told her “Goodnight. Love you. I’m going to bed. And– during the middle of the night, I heard this loud noise. 

ANDREA CANNING: What kinda noise was it?

MARK WALKER: It sounded like someone was in the house and opened a door and slammed it. And then I heard it again.

Mark jumped out of bed to check on Emma.

MARK WALKER: I opened up her door to her bedroom and I stared at her for probably 15, 20 seconds and– she was just– lying asleep in her bed. And– I shut the door. So I checked the doors around the house and went back to bed.

In the morning, Emma’s mom Jill woke her up early.

JILL WALKER: I went in to wake her up. And I couldn’t wake her up.

ANDREA CANNING: What’s going through your mind in that moment?

JILL WALKER: I had no idea. And I can’t recall a lot of it. Um. I just know I checked for a pulse.

ANDREA CANNING: And there was no pulse?

JILL WALKER: No pulse.

What had happened to Emma Walker?

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