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(NBC) – A new episode of NBC’s “This Is Us” is on tap Tuesday night.

Ordinarily, the show would have long since wrapped up for the season, but this year’s been different.

Five seasons into “This Is Us” Milo Ventimiglia is still amazed by the scripts he gets.

“I’m always blown away when I can read something and I can just feel like we’re discovering something new,” said Ventimiglia.

Including the recent episode, with Jack Pearson basically a supporting character, as the story focused on younger brother Nicky, played by Michael Angarano.

“He’s such a powerhouse, we felt very much in the rhythm of being brothers,” expressed Ventimiglia

It’s a comfort that might show up on a blooper reel someday.

“I had an absolute laughing fit with Michael on set,” Ventimiglia revealed. “Dinner scene, we couldn’t keep ourselves together.  It was horrible and beautiful and amazing at the same time.”

A welcome moment during a pandemic impacted season that’s meant show creator Dan Fogelman’s largely steered clear of the set.

“Other seasons there would be moments where Dan would just pop in and like the little kid with a new toy he wants to share with his friends, he would start talking about the next five to seven episodes,” said Ventimiglia.

But not getting those visits leaves the cast curious about what’s around the corner.

“Honestly, I don’t know where the season ends, I don’t know what the big wrap-up is,” Ventimiglia disclosed. I’m not sure what’s happening beyond the episode we’re filming right now.”

But his excitement for what’s ahead is shared by “This Is Us” fans.

In addition, Ventimiglia also welcomed his TV wife, Mandy Moore, back to the “This Is Us” set late last week after the birth of her son earlier this year.

Tonight’s new “This Is Us” episode, “Both Things Can Be True” airs Tuesday at 8 p.m., followed by “New Amsterdam.”