Remarkable women are everywhere. We want to celebrate them!

Remarkable Women is part of a nationwide Nexstar Media Group, Inc. initiative to honor the influence women have had on public policy, social progress, and quality of life.

Then during International Women’s Month in March, KFOR will recognize the great contributions that women have made to our nation and local communities. Remarkable Women is part of a nationwide Nexstar Media initiative to honor the influence that women have had on public policy, social progress and the quality of life. 

KFOR is accepting Nominations for the New Remarkable Women Contest NOW!

Take a look at the Remarkable Women featured during the last contest for 2021 below.

Winner, Niki Asher

Oklahoma City

Niki started the Mack Impact, and in the last two years it has helped more than 50 other children and their families make special memories. Read More…

Finalist #2 Beth Patterson

Oklahoma City

Beth Patterson runs RSVP – the Retired Senior Volunteer Program of OKC. In her 39 years there, she started the Provide-A-Ride program – in which volunteers give rides to other seniors to doctors appointments, pharmacies and more. Read More…

Finalist #3, Ilinda Jackson

Oklahoma City

Ilinda Jackson is a local pastor who also runs transitional homes for women moving back into the public after serving time. Ilinda plays a vital role in both places – inspiring women. She also runs several clothing and food drives along with after-school programs for children through her church. Read More…

Finalist #4

Oklahoma City

Beth Green plays a vital role at the OSBI and is a college professor. When she found out she had breast cancer in 2020 – she sprung into action – sharing her journey with and inspiring thousands of others on social media. Green has led many other women to get their mammograms early and take an active role in breast health. Read More…

KFOR will celebrate local women that inspire, lead and forge the way for other women. It’s not just about one day or one month — it’s about what they do, day-in and day-out.

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