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Which pumice stone for your feet is best?

A quality pumice stone is an excellent tool that, with regular use, can help keep your feet soft, healthy and pain-free. A popular pumice stone is the Pumice Valley Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone. This natural product may be a little pricey, but it’s effective in removing dry, calloused skin in a comfortable and easy-to-use way.

What to know before you buy a pumice stone for your feet

What is a pumice stone?

When lava mixes with water, the result is a light, porous stone called pumice. Its naturally abrasive properties make it ideal for removing dead skin cells and softening calluses and corns. 

Why does dead skin build up on my feet?

Your feet shed dead skin cells regularly. The most common reason those dead skin cells build up is lack of moisture. Additionally, the friction from wearing shoes and walking or running can cause a buildup of skin. Regularly scrubbing away those dead skin cells with a pumice stone is the easiest way to prevent any buildup

How do you use a pumice stone?

  1. Start by soaking: To help smooth those trouble spots on your feet, begin by soaking both your feet and your pumice stone in warm water for at least five minutes.
  2. Use the stone: Remove your foot from the water, pat it dry and use the pumice stone on any trouble spots in light, circular motions for two or three minutes. This process should never hurt. If you feel pain, stop using the pumice stone.
  3. Rinse and examine your feet: If you find any dead skin patches you missed, repeat steps one and two.
  4. Moisturize after use: When you are finished, moisturize your feet and clean your pumice stone.
  5. Repeat as necessary: While a pumice stone can be used on your feet every day, preventive maintenance only needs to be performed two or three times each week if you have no current trouble spots.

What to look for in a quality pumice stone for your feet

Natural materials

Not all products that are called pumice stones are made purely of volcanic rock. Some lower-priced options are manufactured using synthetic materials. The best pumice stone is 100% natural.

Ergonomic size and shape

Pumice stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are large and rectangular, while others are smaller with a more rounded shape. Your primary concern with size and shape is finding a pumice stone that fits comfortably in your hand. If it’s too large or too small for you to hold easily, you’ll have more difficulty using the product.

Appropriately sized pores 

The pores are the tiny holes that appear in abundance on and throughout a pumice stone. The larger these pores are, the more aggressive the stone will be at removing dead and dry skin. Conversely, a pumice stone with smaller pores will be gentler on your skin. Choose the type of pumice stone that best suits your needs.

Added ingredients

Sometimes, you can find a pumice stone that has been infused with other ingredients that can help soften or moisturize your skin, such as shea butter, vitamin E or aloe vera. Additionally, you can find pumice stones that contain soap. While this is not essential, a pumice stone with added ingredients may be of interest to you.

How much you can expect to spend on a pumice stone for your feet

You can get synthetic, budget pumice stones for roughly $2 each, while pure, volcanic rock pumice stones may cost as much as $10 each. For options that include infused materials, you may find yourself spending over $20 for a single pumice stone.

Foot pumice stone FAQ

Are there any hygiene protocols to follow when using a pumice stone?

A. While pumice stones are relatively easy to use, there are five basic rules to remember. 

  1. Never use a pumice stone when it or your skin is dry. 
  2. Do not share your pumice stone with others. 
  3. Do not use your pumice stone on delicate or inflamed skin. 
  4. Do not use your pumice stone near surgical sites or injuries, especially if the skin is broken. 
  5. Do not use excessive pressure. A light circular motion is enough.

Do I need to clean my pumice stone?

A. Yes. After every use, be sure to rinse your pumice stone clean under warm water. Additionally, using a toothbrush and a little dish detergent can help remove oils and skin flakes. For thorough cleaning, consider boiling the pumice stone for up to five minutes.

How often do I need to replace my pumice stone?

A. As a rule of thumb, a pumice stone will last roughly three to four weeks. However, if you notice your pumice stone isn’t very effective or feels smooth, and cleaning it doesn’t seem to help, it is probably time for a replacement.

What’s the best foot pumice stone to buy?

Top pumice stone for feet

Pumice Valley Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone

Pumice Valley Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone

What you need to know: This is a top choice for individuals looking to begin a healthy foot-care regimen to remove dry and calloused skin.

What you’ll love: This rounded stone is easier to hold in your hand than the rectangular options. When used as directed, this pumice stone can stimulate blood flow and help relieve fatigue.

What you should consider: Be sure to follow all usage directions to achieve maximum benefits.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pumice stone for feet for the money

Love Pumice 2-in-1 Pumice Stone for Feet, Hands and Body

Love Pumice 2-in-1 Pumice Stone for Feet, Hands and Body

What you need to know: This pumice stone is best for individuals looking for a highly affordable option without the need for durability. 

What you’ll love: Not only is this the lowest-priced product on this list, but it comes with four pumice stones, making it an excellent value. Each stone has both a rough and a smooth side so that you can tailor it to your preferred level of foot care.

What you should consider: This pumice stone is not quite as durable as some other options, but you get four in a pack.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

My Solemate 2-in-1 Foot Pumice Stone & Foot Scrubber

My Solemate 2-in-1 Foot Pumice Stone & Foot Scrubber

What you need to know: A unique 2-in-1 option that includes both soap and a pumice stone, so your cleaning and exfoliating needs are combined into one handy bar.

What you’ll love: One side of this product is a pumice stone that helps remove dry skin, while the other is a moisturizing bar of soap. Using this pumice stone can help rejuvenate your feet, so they are both smooth and soft.

What you should consider: This pumice stone is best reserved for lighter-duty foot care needs and might not be tough enough for thick calluses. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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