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Which Uncommon Goods candle is best?

Whether you’re buying a gift for a loved one or treating yourself to something special, Uncommon Goods candles are different from mass-produced options. Uncommon Goods prides itself on selling items that are handmade, beautiful and of high quality. 

Not only do you have to decide what type of candle you’d like, you’ll need to consider features such as scent and design. If you want scented candles that look special and have a decent burn time, try Four Seasons Dried Flower Candles

What to know before you buy an Uncommon Goods candle

Candle type

You can find a range of candle types, some of which are better suited to certain uses than others. If you’re not sure which you want, simply choose whichever you like the look of best. 

  • Pillar candles: Medium to large in size and cylindrical in shape, pillar candles have the structural integrity needed to burn freestanding. 
  • Votive candles: Votive candles are similar to pillar candles but smaller. Traditionally used in prayer, they’re designed to be burned in small glass cups but they can stand up on their own. 
  • Poured candles: Poured candles come in glasses, tins or other containers. They can be made from any wax, including those too soft to be used for freestanding candles. 
  • Taper candles: These long, thin candles are designed to be burned in candlesticks. They’re usually unscented and fairly simple in appearance. 


The type of wax makes more difference than you might realize. Candles can be made from a single wax or a blend of two or more waxes. 

  • Paraffin wax: Inexpensive and hard enough to form into freestanding designs, paraffin wax has long been a common candle material. However, it’s a by-product of crude oil so it’s not eco-friendly and it doesn’t burn as cleanly as vegetable waxes, so it’s falling out of favor.
  • Soy wax: It’s an excellent choice for candle making as it burns slowly and cleanly. However, it’s too soft to form pillar candles without being blended with a harder wax.
  • Beeswax: Beeswax is hard and natural with a bright burn. It’s pricey so it’s often found in high-end candles. It’s worth noting it isn’t vegan-friendly, in case you’re buying for a vegan recipient. 
  • Other waxes: Other waxes you may find in candles include palm wax, coconut wax and gel wax. 

What to look for in a quality Uncommon Goods candle

Burn time

The burn time is the average number of hours you can expect your candle to burn for before burning out.


Although not all Uncommon Goods candles are scented, many are. You can find a wide range of scents, from floral and fruity to smoky and spicy. 


Alongside simple plain candles, you’ll find those with more elaborate designs. Some are shaped to look like anything from crystals to plants, while others have botanicals or dried flowers added. 

Reusable container

Poured candles often come in an attractive container that you can reuse once the candle has burned down. 

How much you can expect to spend on an Uncommon Goods candle

Since most candles sold by Uncommon Goods are handmade, they cost significantly more than one you’d pick up from a supermarket shelf. Expect to pay $20-$60, depending on size, materials and candle type.

Uncommon Goods candle FAQ

Are candles bad for your health? 

A. Candles emit a small amount of smoke that does have a negative effect on air quality. However, the change in air quality from burning a few candles is negligible and isn’t bad for your health. Of course, if you spend your days surrounded by hundreds of burning candles, it may be a different story. 

If you’re worried about the impact of candles, choose those made from clean-burning materials, such as soy, rather than paraffin wax. 

How long should you burn a candle? 

A. The first time you burn a new candle, you should do so for long enough for the entire surface to turn to liquid wax. This helps prevent “tunneling” as it burns down, which is where the center of the candle melts quicker than the edges. 

After the first burn of a new candle, there’s no minimum length of time you have to burn it on subsequent uses. However, it’s best not to exceed four to six hours.

What’s the best Uncommon Goods candle to buy?

Top Uncommon Goods candle

Four Seasons Dried Flower Candles

Four Seasons Dried Flower Candles

What you need to know: Scented and filled with beautiful botanicals, these candles make excellent gifts. 

What you’ll love: You can choose from spring-, summer-, fall- and winter-themed candles, each with its own scent and blend of botanicals. They’re generously sized and burn for roughly 120 hours. 

What you should consider: Most buyers find them too pricey for day-to-day use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Uncommon Goods

Top Uncommon Goods candle for the money

Amethyst & Aquamarine Geode Candles

Amethyst & Aquamarine Geode Candles

What you need to know: These striking candles are designed to look like geodes. 

What you’ll love: Buyers have a choice of two options: an amethyst candle that’s scented with calabrian, bergamot and violet or an aquamarine candle that smells like salty sea air. They look realistic and smell great. 

What you should consider: They’re made from a blend of soy and paraffin wax, which isn’t great if you want a clean-burning candle.

Where to buy: Sold by Uncommon Goods

Worth checking out

Tarot Card Candles

Tarot Card Candles

What you need to know: With their tarot card designs, these are perfect for anyone into the esoteric or who has a witchy aesthetic. 

What you’ll love: Each design has a different scent and there are five to choose from: the sun, the star, the empress, strength and three of cups. The attractive glass container can be reused. 

What you should consider: The tarot design doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Where to buy: Sold by Uncommon Goods


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