Which white fur rug is best?

White fur rugs are a cozy yet clean look for a bedroom, home office or living area. Sheepskin rugs in particular are popular for draping over chairs, beds or placing on the floor. They are naturally white. 

You can also easily find faux fur rugs that mimic white sheepskin or rabbit fur. Faux fur is less expensive and easier to care for than genuine fur. For an authentic rug, WaySoft Genuine New Zealand Sheepskin Rug adds luxury to any space. 

What to know before you buy a white fur rug


When buying a white fur rug, you have a choice between genuine sheepskin and synthetic material. Sheepskin rugs use the pelt of a sheep or lamb with the wool fibers attached. The result is a thick, fluffy and soft material that smells a bit like wool. Faux shearling rugs also have a shaggy appearance and are soft, and are made from acrylic or polyester. Consumers often prefer the feel and look of one material over the other. 


Smaller, pelt-sized rugs can be used as accent pieces to add texture and coziness to a room. They can be draped over a chair, couch or ottoman for added style and softness. Lambskin rugs can be tucked into cribs or baby carriages. Smaller rugs may also be placed next to the bed or under a desk as a runner and feel soft and comforting under bare feet. Larger rugs can be used to cover hardwood floors in bedrooms or living rooms or placed in walk-in closets. 


Both real and faux fur rugs come in a wide range of sizes. Pelt-sized rugs come in dimensions such as 2 feet by 3 feet, which are perfect for draping over a chair or couch, or 2 feet by 6 feet, which work well as floor runners. Pelt-shaped rugs are also gaining popularity for sitting on in meditation. Rugs in larger sizes, including 6 feet by 7 feet and 6 feet by 9 feet, can be used as a full-sized floor rug. Consider what you’ll be using the rug for and room size when looking at the dimensions of a rug. 


Most fur rugs, both genuine and faux, can be cleaned with a vacuum. Some manufacturers may specify a setting so as not to damage the fur. You can also spot clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Faux fur is often machine-washable on a gentle cycle in cold water and can be air-dried. Always check the care instructions before attempting to clean your fur rug, whether synthetic or genuine. 

What to look for in a quality white fur rug


Many real or faux sheepskins come in natural pelt shapes, which are irregular with rounded edges. One or more pelts can be sewn together to make a rug. Synthetic fur rugs also come in round, square or rectangular shapes. 


Authentic sheepskin rugs come in a natural ivory shade, though some are bleached to be whiter. Synthetic fur comes in white, ivory and frosted white. Any shade of white fur offers a clean but luxurious detail to any decor. 

Pile height 

Fur length varies from 2-3 inches. Lambskin rugs, especially those made for baby care, have shorter fur at 1.2 inches. For a shaggy rug, select a longer pile and for a shorn look, select a shorter pile. 


All fur rugs come with a backing, which can be synthetic hide or genuine leather. Look for a nonslip backing so your rug doesn’t slip on hard floors. 

How much you can expect to spend on a white fur rug

Expect to pay between $51-$90 for a genuine sheepskin 2-foot-by-3-foot rug, and $13-$31 for a synthetic one of the same size. 

White fur rug FAQ

Should I brush my fur rug? 

A. Yes. It’s best to brush your rug with a wire brush or comb to untangle matted fur and remove dust. Be gentle when brushing. Also, brush your rug after you wash it (let it dry completely first) to restore its appearance. 

How do I get an odor out of my sheepskin rug? 

A. Genuine sheepskin can initially smell strongly like wool. You may want to hang it to air out for a few days after you get it. If odor builds up in your rug, you can sprinkle baking soda on it. This won’t damage the fur but will still help with the odor. 

What’s the best white fur rug to buy?

Top white fur rug

WaySoft Genuine New Zealand Sheepskin Rug

WaySoft Genuine New Zealand Sheepskin Rug

What you need to know: This luxurious sheepskin is the real deal and ethically sourced.

What you’ll love: Made from genuine New Zealand wool, the natural ivory color is even throughout the rug. The smaller sizes make for a good bedside foot rug. The plush and soft material is popular with pets. 

What you should consider: The measurements aren’t always accurate, sometimes up to half a foot shorter than advertised. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top white fur rug for the money

Ashler Ultra Soft Fur Rug

Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug White

What you need to know: This highly affordable faux fur rug comes in both pelt shapes and rectangular ones. 

What you’ll love: The rug can be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle. It’s soft and durable enough for baby and toddler use. It comes in eleven sizes, including a full-sized 6-foot-by-9-foot rug. The rug features nonslip backing and its fur doesn’t shed. 

What you should consider: This bright white rug doesn’t look like real fur. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Etta Avenue Dominick Handmade Shag Area Rug In White

Etta Avenue Dominick Handmade Shag Area Rug In White

What you need to know: For a shag rug, this one comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any floor space. 

What you’ll love: The synthetic material is cruelty-free and shockingly soft. It is beloved by pets, children and adults alike. Unlike other synthetic fur rugs, it doesn’t come with a chemical smell. It’s machine-washable. 

What you should consider: The material is thinner than expected and for some consumers, it sheds. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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