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You may have enjoyed Blake Lively’s performances in series and movies including “Gossip Girl,” “The Rhythm Section,” “The Shallows” and “A Simple Favor,” to name just a few. But did you know that the actress also has a passion for flavor? Lively recently announced the launch of Betty Booze — a line of alcoholic cocktails.

Bubbly and refreshing, Betty Booze drinks are made of real ingredients and top-quality tequila and bourbon. The idea behind them is to adhere to high standards to create refreshing, clean cocktails that emulate what you’d find in clean whole foods. These boozy concoctions complement Lively’s line of sparkling Betty Buzz non-alcoholic beverages that hit the market in September 2021.

How Betty Booze got its name

There’s a heartwarming back story to the names of the Betty Booze and Betty Buzz line of products. Lively chose the name Betty in honor of her grandmother and aunt. The inspiration to name the drinks after the two important Bettys in her life came from her father. 

Betty Booze ingredients

Best Betty Booze cocktails Betty Booze/Guy Aroch

From food to cosmetics, consumers are insisting on products made with clean ingredients now more than ever. This is a major benefit of Betty Booze drinks, as they are made with juice from real fruit. Sparkling water gives them a unique twist. You can choose from bourbon- or tequila-based drinks in three flavor combinations. 

When it comes to alcohol content, the cocktails contain 4.5% alcohol, making these adult drinks appealing without being too heavy.

Just as important as the ingredients in these refreshing beverages is what they don’t contain. Lively’s new line is made without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or additives, so you can feel good about indulging in them. 

Betty Booze packaging and price

Betty Booze drinks come in 12-ounce cans in packs of four. This is the perfect quantity for sharing and sampling the three available flavor blends. They cost around $14.99 per pack from trusted retailers. 

Betty Buzz

Whether you don’t consume alcohol or love mixers, Lively’s Betty Buzz line is a great option. These fizzy drinks also come in several tasty flavors. While they, too, are crafted of quality ingredients, they’re alcohol-free. Also made with sparkling water, these beverages are light and refreshing. They can be enjoyed right out of the can or bottle or mixed with your favorite spirits. 

Best Betty Booze drinks

Best Betty Booze Sparkling Bourbon with Apple Ginger Sour Cherry

Betty Booze Sparkling Bourbon with Apple Ginger Sour Cherry

This Betty Booze beverage features a unique blend of flavors that are interesting but not too sweet. The fruit juices are paired with bourbon to create a beverage that goes well with everything from snacks to steaks. The drink is also perfect for warm-weather gatherings such as backyard barbecues. 

Sold by Total Wine

Betty Booze Sparkling Tequila with Oak Smoked Lemonade Betty Booze/Guy Aroch

Betty Booze Sparkling Tequila with Oak Smoked Lemonade

This cocktail blends tequila with lemonade and citrus plus a touch of oak and butter for a memorable flavor. The lemonade base makes it ideal for summer. However, it doesn’t overpower the other fabulous notes that give it an intriguing taste. 

Sold by Total Wine

Betty Booze Sparkling Tequila with Lime Shiso Betty Booze/Guy Aroch

Betty Booze Sparkling Tequila with Lime Shiso 

With lime and shiso, this tequila beverage offers an awesome combination of citrus and spice. An herb from the mint family, the shiso gives it a burst of zest that complements the lime. The result is a versatile cocktail you’ll enjoy sharing with friends. 

Sold by Total Wine

Best Betty Buzz drinks

Best Betty Buzz Original Variety Pack

Betty Buzz Original Variety Pack

Before Betty Booze cocktails were introduced, there were Betty Buzz alcohol-free drinks. If you want to give them a try, a variety pack is the way to go. This collection is the original trio by the brand and includes ginger beer, tonic water and lemon lime in a pack of 12 bottles. 

Sold by Amazon 

Best Betty Buzz Citrus Variety Pack

Betty Buzz Citrus Variety Pack

Sparkling drinks in cans are perfect for stashing in a cooler and heading to the beach or pool. You’ll get 12 cans in this pack with three tempting flavors — sparkling Meyer lemon club soda, grapefruit and lemon-lime. 

Sold by Amazon 

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