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Which elevated dog bowl is best?

While most dogs are happy to enjoy their food and drink at any height, elevated dog bowls can limit mess, add an interesting design element to your kitchen ane relieve stress on your furry friend.

Dogs benefit from eating and drinking at an appropriate height so that they don’t need to bend over and strain their joints. This is especially helpful for older, larger dogs. Elevated dog bowls come in various sizes and in a range of designs and color options. The Pawfect Pets Elevated Dog Bowl offers convenience for medium-size dogs, but it’s vital to find the right height for your dog and the right look for your style. 

What to know before you buy elevated dog bowls

Dog size

The ideal height of the elevated dog bowl corresponds to your dog’s size. Generally, you want the bowl to meet your dog’s chest. This allows for minimal strain while still keeping your dog’s head lowered when eating to reduce air intake.

Small breeds are best served by bowls elevated 2 to 6 inches. Medium dogs should use a bowl between 7 and 12 inches high. Large dogs will enjoy an elevated dog bowl 1 foot or higher. When in doubt, opt for a slightly shorter bowl.


Most elevated dog bowls boast a large capacity, but it’s worth checking to ensure they can hold your dog’s meals. If you mix wet and dry food, or homemade meals, some bowls may struggle to hold all the food for large breeds. What’s more, increased capacity can reduce spills, messes and splashes among eager eaters and drinkers.


Some models feature legs to keep the elevated bowl upright. Still, these can pose a stability issue, particularly if you have an aggressive eater who may overpower the stand and move it around. Ideal options feature a sturdy base or thick sides; some even resist moving on floors with pads that better adhere to the ground.


Elevated dog bowls feature spots for either one or two bowls. Consider whether you’re offering just water, just food or both for your dog. The single bowl option is best if you’re seeking to eliminate mess. However, if you have a dog with joint problems, the double design is ideal.

What to look for in quality elevated dog bowls


Frames use various materials, including plastic, wood and metal. For aggressive eaters and those who lick bowls, opt for more durable materials. Bowls should use stainless steel or ceramic.

Adjustable height

Some options allow for the height to be adjusted within a range of inches to allow for more precise usage. This can also be helpful if you have a slowly growing puppy. Some that offer a wide range of height options may not be as useful as they seem as it’s unlikely you may need to toggle between 3-10 inches, for example.


Some advanced models allow for dog food to be stored underneath in closed-off compartments. This offers added convenience, but eager and curious dogs may be determined to find the food and create more problems than solutions.

Color and design

Elevated dog bowls are offered in a range of styles, designs and color options so that you can complement your existing decor. They may be rustic and farmhouse, sleek and modern or cheeky and ostentatious. Some may feature patterns or pictures, while others may allow for personalized engravings as well.

How much you can expect to spend on elevated dog bowls

Price will increase alongside size. For medium dogs, most elevated dog bowls cost $15-$30. More elegant or eye-catching options, as well as those for larger dogs, may run up to $50.

Elevated dog bowls FAQ

How long do elevated dog bowls last?

A. Most options require minimal maintenance and easily last for years. Wood elevated dog bowls tend to be made from water-resistant bamboo, so they won’t be affected by messy dogs. Still, it’s best to avoid letting water pool and keep it as dry as possible to allow it to last. Plastic or metal options can be wiped and spot-cleaned as needed. 

How safe are elevated dog bowls?

A. Elevated dog bowls make eating and drinking easier on the joints of medium and large dogs. Some studies suggest eating and drinking from a higher elevation for large dogs can lead to bloating, however, if positioned too high. Concerned dog owners should consult with their vet. While elevated dog bowls won’t slow eager eaters, some may accommodate a slow feeder to steady their pace.

What’s the best elevated dog bowl to buy?

Top elevated dog bowl

Pawfect Pets Elevated Dog Bowl

Pawfect Pets Elevated Dog Bowl

What you need to know: This is a simple yet attractive elevated dog bowl that uses durable bamboo to resist spills and offer impressive stability.

What you’ll love: This is a heavy-duty elevated dog bowl set that stays in place, uses sustainable and hygienic bamboo, arrives constructed and is sturdy and stable.

What you should consider: It may require frequent wiping of water and is pricey.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top elevated dog bowl for the money

YML Wrought Iron Feeder Bowl

YML Wrought Iron Feeder Bowl

What you need to know: This deep, ornate, single-bowl elevated stand reduces mess and adds some modern style to your home.

What you’ll love: The wrought iron construction and non-slip feet provide durability and stability during mealtime. The deep bowl prevents messes and splashes and is easy to clean.

What you should consider: It only includes a single bowl.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pet Zone Designer Diner

Pet Zone Designer Diner

What you need to know: Adjustable elevated dog bowl that can grow alongside your pup while offering easy portable convenience.

What you’ll love: It toggles between three different heights up to 12 inches, is easy to travel with, resists skidding and is affordably priced.

What you should consider: It is light in weight and lacks aesthetic appeal.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

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