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Which Cruella costume is best?

Cruella de Vil is a character from the classic animated movie “101 Dalmatians” and the recent 2021 movie remake, “Cruella.” The mischievous character dresses in bold and eccentric fashion statements. If you’re looking for a striking villain costume for a party or Halloween, you can’t go wrong with dressing like Cruella. For a quality option, the Lgandpg Cruella Costume is the best pick.  

What to know before you buy a Cruella costume

Size and fit

Though there is a standard size chart, the charts online may vary. It depends on the brand or the region the clothes have been manufactured in. As such, the size of some costumes may run larger or smaller than what has been indicated. The fit may also vary based on your body shape. To get the most accurate size, check both the size number and the actual measurements.


Depending on where you live, you may need to add or remove some layers of clothing to your costume. For instance, in chilly weather, you can use items such as tights, leggings, capes or leather gloves to keep you warm while maintaining the character’s aesthetic. If the material of your costume is thick enough, you can remove some layers and add accessories and jewelry to finish the look.


Cruella de Vil has multiple dresses that can be used as costumes. The most common Cruella dresses are the red flame dress and the classic black and white dress inspired by the dalmatian fur. These are also the easiest to find. However, you can choose any of her iconic looks and simply select accessories to replicate them.


The best costume not only looks great but also feels great. Costumes with elastic seams and zippers make it easy to adjust the outfit to your preference and move around. It should also be made from a soft material as scratchy fabrics tend to irritate the skin. Additionally, your costume should not be too tight or too loose as that might be uncomfortable or shabby.

What to look for in a quality Cruella costume


Additional accessories like gloves, jewelry or masks add to the authenticity of any Cruella-inspired outfit. Some classic items the character has include her black and white wig, fur coat and black cigarette holder. These pieces make your character come to life and add the flare Cruella is known for. High-quality costumes also have the actual accessories and not just designs that have been printed onto the costume.

Material and durability

A high-quality material can be used over and over again without looking worn out or shabby. The material should feel thick and heavy and should not tear easily. A good costume also has strong stitches that do not unravel when stretched or show any loose threads.              

Authentic look

The best costumes pay attention to as much detail as possible, they are authentic and easily recognized by fans. For instance, one of  Cruella’s signature looks is the black and white Dalmatian dress in a high-low design with black gloves. Another popular dress is the flame dress, which is a red dress with ruffles at the bottom.

How much you can expect to spend on a Cruella costume

Depending on the size and type of material used, it costs between $10-$70.

Cruella costume FAQ

Was Cruella’s coat real Dalmatian?

A. No. According to Disney, the design of the coat was inspired by Dalmatian fur but only faux fur was used.

How can I make a Cruella wig?

A. For the iconic half-black and half-white look, start by sectioning a black wig in two parts then dye one side with white dye. You can also dye just the front part of the wig white, depending on the costume you’re going for.  Bleaching the wig before using the dye is another alternative that helps the color last longer.  

How can I replicate Cruella’s makeup?

A. You can get the look with a smoldering smoky eye shadow,  winged eyeliner and a bold red lip.  

What’s the best Cruella costume to buy?

Top Cruella costume

Best Lgandpg Cruella Costume

Lgandpg Cruella Costume 

What you need to know: This is a two-piece Cruella costume set with a dress and a wig.

What you’ll love: This classic black-and-white Dalmatian outfit is instantly recognizable and is made from soft and breathable fabric. It also comes with the option of a cape that adds more life to the costume. The black and white wig is already styled and curled, so it will need little to no adjustments.

What you should consider: Some users say the wig is a little scratchy and may get uncomfortable over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Cruella costume for the money

Best Eusnady’s Kids Cruella de Vil Costume

Eusnady’s Kids Cruella de Vil Costume  

What you need to know: This is a red costume inspired by Cruella’s flame dress.

What you’ll love: This dress is comfortable to wear and has a good fit for most children. The red dress is sleeveless and fitted with ruffles at the bottom. The style is very cute and can easily be paired with other accessories.

What you should consider: The material is thin and the costume does not come with any additional accessories.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Women's Black White Costume Dress

Women’s Black White Costume Dress 

What you need to know: This is a classic three-piece Cruella costume set.

What you’ll love: This iconic costume is made from lightweight and soft polyester fabric that feels comfortable on your skin. You also have the option to choose just the dress or the dress with gloves and a wig. The wig comes with a hairnet that makes it easier to wear and is adjustable for your head size.

What you should consider: It might run a little small and the material has little or no stretch to it.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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