Planning and researching for a bathroom remodel can give you an expectation of what to come! For many people thinking about a bathroom remodel, a big decision to be made is whether or not to transition from a conventional shower to a more modern, curbless shower.

A curbless shower is a shower that does not have a threshold or a divider between the shower floor and the bathroom floor. Let’s look at some of the benefits of putting a curbless shower into your bathroom!

  1. Adds Visual Appeal

A huge perk of remodeling your bathroom is being able to increase the value and style of the space. Compared to a conventional shower, curbless showers come across more modern and stylish. Curbless showers are comparable to spa showers, which can give your bathroom a lavish feel and look.

2. Smaller Safety Risk

An important benefit of a curbless shower is its ability to be functional for all ages. Without the curb or divider between the bathroom floor and the shower floor, the risk of tripping in or out of the shower decreases. For people who are at risk for falling in the shower, a curbless shower can give them confidence and freedom to shower independently.

3. Cleaning Advantages

With a seamless transition between bathroom and shower, curbless showers can create an open concept bathroom that can be significantly easier to clean. Without surface joints for bacteria to hide in, keeping a curbless shower clean takes less effort than a conventional shower. The flat surface floor and easy entrance also eliminates the danger of being bent over a tub or divider, trying to clean.

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