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29TH STREET DENTAL CARE SPONSORED CONTENT – So, I have patients ask me about dental implants almost every single day.

I’m very proud that we’re  a dental implant practice. We’ve been placing dental implants, we’ve been restoring dental implants since 1998 and I’m very, very proud of that. Now you might be thinking, ‘what are dental implants used for?’ Well, they’re used for lots of things. If you lose one tooth, then a dental implant can be used to replace that tooth. What would happen is the implant would be placed and then a crown would be put on top of it. So, in that one instance, that implant is very similar to root replacement procedure, you’re replacing the root of a tooth with an implant and then you put a crown over the top of the tooth. That’s one example. Another example is for someone that comes in and they have no teeth or they’re going to lose all their teeth. In these patients, they can wear a denture, and no matter how good that denture fits, a denture is hooked on to tissue or sits on top of tissue, it will always move.

Now, if we were to do dental implants, we can make a denture that snaps on to the implants. So the denture actually rests on the ridge of the gums and it snaps on to the implants just like a snap on your shirt.  When it snaps on, it locks the denture into place and it can change your quality of life. So, if you’re missing a tooth we can do a dental implant to replace that tooth. If you’re missing multiple teeth, we can do multiple implants to replace multiple teeth, making it all permanent and something that never comes out. Or, if you have no teeth we can do a dental implants and we can do dentures that snap in and out. That is an awesome technology.

Now, to take it one step further, if you have no teeth at all, for example, and you wanted permanent teeth then we could do implants in your mouth and we could put crowns on top of those implants, giving you permanent teeth that never ever come out.

That’s why in my opinion this is the best time to be a dentist, it’s the best time to be in dentistry and this is the best time to be a patient. Because in the good old days and you lost a tooth, you just kind of had to take what you had but today we have options and that’s the cool thing. I believe in giving our patients options, and when we give you options then you can make an informed decision, “Do I want something permanent?”, Do I want something removeable?”, “Do I want something that when I smile looks natural?”, “Do I want something that means when I chew that I can enjoy my life in a very, very high level?”  So we’re all about helping patients, and we’re all about increasing the quality of their lives, and dental implants playing a major role in my practice almost every single day. So thank you so much for checking out implants with us. If you have any questions go to our website at chickashadentist.com or call and ask for a consultation  about our dental implants. Thanks again.

If you have any questions please give us call at 405-222-0222, we’d love to visit with you. Or, ask your question in the form below.

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