29th Street Dental Care: How can I make my teeth whiter?


Ok, so everybody wants to know, “How can I make my teeth whiter?” Well sometimes just getting your teeth cleaned professionally will make them whiter. But for most of us, we want to whiten our teeth and there are two options of whitening your teeth. You can do a take home whitening or we can do an in office laser whitening called Zoom Whitening. The taken home whitening will whiten your teeth but it might take a little bit longer.

Now the Zoom Whitening can lighten your teeth up to twelve shades in as little as two hours. So it works great! You’ve got a couple of options. Just give us a call and we’d love to visit with you about it.

If you have any questions please give us call at 405-222-0222, we’d love to visit with you. Or, ask your question in the form below.

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